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Personal Fulfillment in Helping Others

Houston has been in a state of gloom for days. People have been forced out of their homes, experiencing the farthest thing from a breath of fresh air. Many people feel overwhelmed. Others might have survivor’s guilt. All are wondering what they can do to rid themselves of these feelings. There is a sense of purpose that comes with the storm’s end. Fulfill your duty to your community by doing what you can for others. It is all about forming a positive chain reaction.

  1. Donate clothes, food, money, or what you can to someone in need. You will help them and enable them to help someone else.

  2. Offer your home to someone in need. This will mentor generosity to your children; you are raising the future of your community.

  3. Build connections. Ensure that you have a set of friends in your community that can trust you and vice-versa. Prepare together for any future emergency.


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