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Short Bio:

Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC is a psychotherapist specializing in intimacy, sex, and relationships. In addition to being a popular keynote speaker, Mary Jo Rapini appears weekly on Fox 26 Houston with segments specializing in intimacy and healthy relationships. Rapini maintains a private practice as a relationship, intimacy, and sex psychotherapist.

Long Bio

Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC is a psychotherapist specializing in intimacy, sex and relationships. She lives in Houston, Texas and maintains a private practice as a relationship, intimacy/sex psychotherapist.


Rapini is a renowned lecturer, author and television personality. Currently, you can find Mary Jo on Fox 26 Houston with her segments on healthy relationships on Mondays and Thursdays. She has been a contributor on air for CNN’s Prime News and has been on CBS Up to the Minute, Fox National Morning News, Montel, Steve Harvey, the Today Show and Dateline. Rapini was also featured in TLC’s Big Medicine which ran two seasons and Discovery Health Channel about her near-death experience which aired Jan 4, 2010. Rapini was seen on the Dr. Oz show November 2, 2018 talking about what happens to us when we die. Rapini contributes and writes a love/relationship expert page for Your Tango. She also contributes to magazines including Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Playboy, First, Seventeen, Teen, Redbook and Self. She has written for Huffington Post and the New York Times.


Rapini is a popular keynote speaker nationwide. Her dynamic style is particularly engaging for those dealing with sensitive intimacy issues and relationship challenges, including body image, self esteem and the importance of creating a healthy relationship with the most important person you'll ever have a relationship with, yourself. 


Rapini speaks to groups of young girls dealing with relationship or personal issues, and she delivers a message that is geared to helping girls become strong women. Rapini is the author of Is God Pink? Dying to Heal. She is a co-author of two books: Start Talking: A Girl's Guide for You and Your Mom about Health, Sex or Whatever and Re-Coupling; a Couple’s 4 Step Guide to Greater Intimacy and Better Sex.

Appearances On:

  • TLC’s Big Medicine

  • CBS Up to the Minute

  • Fox National Morning News

  • Today Show

  • Dateline

  • Montel

  • Steve Harvey

  • Dr. Oz Show

  • CBS 


Expert Contributor Featured In:

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Women’s Health

  • Men’s Health

  • People

  • Playboy

  • First

  • Seventeen

  • Teen

  • Redbook

  • Self

  • Huffington Post

  • New York Times


Social Media:

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