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A Couple's 4-Step Guide to Greater Intimacy and Better Sex

A no-nonsense text written by a board-certified urologist and a licensed psychotherapist who work in tandem to treat and educate their patients. Together, Rapini and Khera have provided medical treatment and emotional guidance to couples searching for greater intimacy, better sex, and happier marriages. In this book they invite couples to consider together issues ranging from communication and intimacy to erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual desire.

Relationship and Parenting Books

by Mary Jo Rapini



Talking to one's child is a dying art that parents need to rediscover. "Start Talking: A Girl's Guide for You and Your Mom about Health, Sex, or Whatever" is a book to help mothers and daughters reform that bond that has so often been lost. Focusing on teenagers and the smorgasbord of changes that come with that age, it tackles everything from the first period to virginity to yoga to most importantly, how to deal with boys and everything that comes with them.

Midwest Book Reviews

I could not put it down! I not only loved the book, I feel in love with Mary Jo as a person. I laughed at her realness and I cried through her honesty and pain. Her experience with God in the 'pink' room changed my life. The moment I read that part of the book, I felt like God was telling me the very same thing He spoke to Mary Jo, 'You haven't loved enough.

Sr. Pastor's Wife

Harvest Church, Lubbock

Often mothers and daughters struggle to effectively communicate and share feelings and concerns related to important issues of sexual and emotional development, health, and interaction with boys during these years of transition and change. "Start Talking" offers practical, clear guidance and help to bridge the communication gap and successfully keep talking. This book is a great aide for every mother and daughter.

R.N. from San Antonio, Texas

"Start Talking" is an outstanding book that highlights key topics regarding woman's health and offers sound information. The Q&A format is easy to read; the suggested 'conversation starters / table talk' sections provide great guidance to a mother and daughter to openly communicate about health and sex. The book also helps a daughter and mother nurture the daughter's inner strength and inner beauty at a young age when it may be difficult in certain social circle and during the time when dating begins. I purchased a book each for my sisters-in-law for their daughters.

J. Naples

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"A unique perspective with an excellent balance of sexual medicine and sexual psychological

interventions to help enhance couplehood."

Michael Krychman

Executive Director for the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine

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