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Mary Jo's Magazine Contributions

As an Expert in Relationships and Parenting

Mary Jo is a contributor to the Houston Chronicle, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Women’s Health First, Seventeen Magazine, Redbook, and Self Magazine as needed. She has a column in Prime Living Magazine which is released every other month.

A feature about Mary Jo Rapini LPC by explains Mary Jo's mission and how all her content comes together to support healthy, stable relationships.

Reinvent Yourself - Prime Living Magazine

Want to make a change in your life? Today's the perfect time to reinvent yourself.

Failing Forward - Prime Living Magazine

Failure is the necessary part of connectedness.

Married but Alone - Prime Living Magazine

The loneliest feeling does not come from being single...

Happy Hosting - Prime Living Magazine

Entertaining as a couple can prove to be challenging if expectations are not managed and communicated ahead of time.

What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs - Prime Living Magazine

You give her gifts and tell her all the time how much you love her, then why isn't this enough?

Hate-Self - Prime Living Magazine

Living and loving through a chronic illness.

Truth about Foreplay - Prime Living Magazine

Foreplay is much more than the moments before sex.

Process Praise - Prime Living Magazine

No matter where you are, if little ones are around, it won't take long before you'll hear, "You're so smart," "You're so pretty," or "You're the best on the team."

Love Story - Prime Living Magazine

Your story of love is a gift to the next generation.

Hitting an Intimacy Wall - Prime Living Magazine

Hitting the intimacy wall is an opportunity for you to stop your old thinking and work through the issue preventing you from enjoying your sex life.

6 Reasons Your Marriage Deserves a Vacation - Prime Living Magazine

Travel is exciting, novel and incredibly romantic...well parts of it are. Traveling can also be filled with chaos, stress, and frustration.

A New Plus One - Prime Living Magazine

Starting a new relationships is not the first thing most exes think about, especially when they have grown children and possibly grandchildren.

Depression - Prime Living Magazine

Arguing more with your partner? Maybe it's not you or your relationship.

No Headache Tonight - Prime Living Magazine

Creating a new mood for sex that's fun and inspiring

Renew Your Relationship - Prime Living Magazine

When we think about the New Year, we think about improving our lifestyle. Your focus might be on weight loss or a new health plan. Whatever your goals are, take a holistic approach to your health.

Relationship Tune Up - Prime Living Magazine

Approximately 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Is there a solution?

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