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Change: An Important and Necessary Part of Life

No matter what’s going on in your life right now, one thing certain – it’s going to change. Everything changes, whether you’re graduating, getting married, beginning a new job, or changing diapers with a new baby. Change is never easy, but it becomes easier when we prepare and accept it. For marriage you prepare by engaging in pre-marital classes and for a new job you make sure you understand the tasks required and take additional training if necessary. The addition of a new baby requires nine months of constant changing and the loss of a loved one requires the ultimate change, especially if you’ve built your life around theirs.

To not change would be unbearable. Imagine being stuck in a state of fear and unhappiness because you were too afraid to take the risks necessary for change. Trying to stay the same isolates you from new relationships, love, and growth. Resisting change may help you feel secure; you know what to expect, but you never achieve all you can and you experience a limited life.

While observing Memorial Day, take time to compile a list of changes you’d like to make over the summer. Preparation minimizes fear. When you understand that mistakes aren’t failures but necessary steps toward your success, you’ll be more accepting of the uncomfortable feelings that come with change. Below are suggestions as you plan for a major change. To live is to change!

  1. Write down exactly what has to change or is going to change. Keep the list attainable by limiting it to one or two items.

  2. Write a to-do list of exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals with the change.

  3. Begin considering who these changes will affect. Consider how you may be instrumental in helping those involved adapt to the change.

  4. Give yourself a time frame and try to stick with it. This is easier if you try to balance your to-do list.

  5. Identify and write down possible and probable obstacles. If you expect the unexpected, it will be easier to cope with stress.

  6. Celebrate the progress as you go along. Reward yourself or whoever else is involved in your “big” change.

Planning and preparing for a change makes it bigger and positive. Take time to reflect and be aware that life is short, and you only have one life to live. Make it worthwhile! –Mary Jo Rapini


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