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Avoid Dating Sneaks and Creeps This Halloween

After you’ve experienced a few heart breaks, your intuition becomes much more adept at identifying those people who are sneaky and untrustworthy. Sneaky people can make your skin crawl, as if there is something more to them but you often can’t put your finger on it. They leave you feeling guilty and insecure as you rethink everything you said and didn’t say on your date.

When you meet a sneaker, they are usually charming and outgoing at first, but something begins to feel off. You may notice them stare too long or catch them in a lie. The more you get to know them, the more you question their sincerity. Their secretive nature rarely offers you a window into the full story. Spotting signs of sneaky creepy behavior can be difficult because these folks are experts at hiding things they don’t want revealed, but the following six common signs of this personality profile will help you become more aware. Usually, if you notice one or two of them, it’s a wise decision to be weary and cancel further date plans.

1. Knowing too much about you. You just met your partner, but they seem to already know intimate information about you. If they tell you personal things that seem invasive, trust your gut, and end the date. Sneaky people don’t like surprises, so they do their homework; this is one of the reasons they present as creepy.

2. Offering prolonged intense eye contact. It’s nice when your partner looks at you rather than their phone, but when their eye contact is so intense you feel as if they are staring through you, that’s suspicious. Normal conversation between two people includes episodes of breaking eye contact. If your date doesn’t, it’s a red flag. Manipulators try to make the other person feel shaky, so be warned.

3. Disconnection from friends/family. Sneaky people don’t attract friends because most friendships are built upon honesty and trust. If your new date is disconnected from family and friends, that’s a red flag of a painful past. It is especially frightening if they blame other people or seem judgmental or mean toward past friends/family.

4. Manipulating your emotions. When someone you’re dating is not empathetic toward your feelings or attempts to convert you to their way of thinking, that’s a manipulative controlling stance. Pay attention if they remain adamant or withdraw affection when you don’t agree with them.

5. Distrusting of you. Sneaky people may project distrust on you. This gives them the opportunity to distract you from their own sneaky behaviors. They don’t trust others because they don’t trust themselves. This is a red flag in therapy because you should never trust someone who doesn’t trust you.

6. Backstabbing and judgmental actions. People who are nice to your face but talk behind your back use this technique to manipulate your behavior. Their lack of trustworthiness increases your insecurity, and you question if you are losing your mind because friends and family often enjoy their company. Sneaky people confide information and wait to get you alone to judge others close to you.

When someone you’re dating makes you feel uncomfortable or their behavior raises your suspicion that they aren’t who they say they are, trust that instinct. Anyone who cares about you wants you to feel safe by being transparent and honest about their intentions and feelings. Sneaky people try to bamboozle and control you - not create a relationship you’ll both enjoy being part of.


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