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5 Ways to Steam Up Summer Sex

Feeling bored in the bedroom? Summer is the perfect time to spice things up. An active and fulfilling sex life improves your overall emotional and physical health. It reduces stress, improves sleep, and promotes cardiovascular health. Incorporating one or two of these behaviors and reinvesting in keeping your summer romantic will change the mood around your house.

  1. Be open to trying new things in the bedroom. For example, consider: -Wearing lighter lingerie at night. -Watching an adult movie together. -Trying new positions or a sex toy. -Adding more cuddling or massages before bed.

  2. Exercise together or alone. Yoga, running, or walking can lower stress and boost endorphins which make you feel better about your body and raise your libido.

  3. Get more invested with your physical health. Hormone problems and metabolic conditions can deter people from enjoying sex. Go to the doctor and talk to them about your concerns with enjoying sex. Something as simple as purchasing an over-the-counter lubricant can make sex more pleasant.

  4. Take time to reconnect with your partner. Intimacy and closeness are parts of foreplay. Text each other sweet messages and flirtations throughout the day. Sex is more enjoyable when couples take time to reconnect after a long day of work or week. Many couples find sex more pleasurable after 11 to 15 minutes of hugging and kissing; for women, that time went up to 16 to 20 minutes.

  5. Make your bedroom into a sensual place. Is your bedroom more of an entertainment center? When you turn your bedroom into a romantic, intimate space you’ll both want to spend more time there together. Have massage oils nearby and erotic books you can read to each other. Purchase softer sheets, lighter blankets, and remove clutter like kid’s toys and dirty dishes. Place candles and use soft yellow light bulbs to make your bedroom a sacred place for the two of you to reinvest in your love life.

It all begins with communication. Couples who talk about improving their sexuality and intimacy improve their sex life and intimacy.


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