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Expert Predicted 2023 Dating Trends

As each year comes to a close, dating app and relationship experts predict the dating trends of the New Year. Their 2023 insights reflect that daters are improving their ability to articulate what they do and don’t want from their matches as well as their expectations from people they date. Optimistically, this year experts agree that most daters (70%) feel positive about their ability to find romance and love in the New Year. While this feeling may not last, the 2020 pandemic and the two years that followed led daters to feel more grateful and excited about finding a long-term relationship.

Here are six trends we can expect when dating in 2023:

1. Open casting. Physical preferences have changed. More than 38% of people are open to dating beyond their typical physical type, and more than 30% no longer date the type of person their friends would expect. Daters are looking for emotional maturity over physical appearance.

2. Expect better guardrailing. Guardrailing is the new buzz word for setting firmer boundaries. During the pandemic, people learned how to physically isolate, and since returning to the office and increasing social life activity, many still feel overwhelmed. As a result, daters are implementing stronger personal boundaries to protect themselves from being hurt during dating.

3. Improved work/personal life. Almost half of dating respondents indicated a desire for mates who prioritize their work/life balance. Only 13% wished to date someone with a demanding job. More than 58% of daters actively create more space in their lives for breaks and rest.

4. Wanderlove. More and more daters are open to seeking people in cities other than their own. As remote work popularized, the freedom to work from anywhere induced singles to look for people outside their region to date.

5. Men rejecting masculine stereotypes. Men are becoming more introspective about gender roles. 74% of dating men admitted to examining their behavior over the last year, challenging stereotypes that suggested men should not show emotions and have become more outspoken about how they feel.

6. More open and expressive about intimacy. Dating trends for 2023 show more daters wanting to explore and openly discuss their sexual desires. More than half of all daters revealed a wish to discuss sexual desires early in the relationship. Although respondents voiced their sexual openness, experts caution that saying what you want doesn’t mean that’s what you get. 34% agreed to wanting to discuss sex openly; however, they were not currently in an intimate relationship or engaged in sex and remained satisfied.

7. Talking finances is no longer taboo. Daters can expect more honest conversations about money, credit scores, and debt early in the dating experience. One third of all daters indicated setting firm financial boundaries for themselves as well as potential dates. Dates have become less elaborate with respondents more drawn to casual dates than over the top fancy influencer outings. Daters who manage their money well will be more respected in 2023.

Whether you’re new to the dating scene, starting over, or have been dating for years, these trends reveal ways for you to connect and find someone you can relate with and feel connected to. Experts agree that the dating trends of 2023 optimize communication, openness, and boundary setting to protect your values while taking responsibility for your part of the relationship. Cheers to your health and dating success for 2023!


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