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Expectations in a Healthy Relationship

Expectations get in the way with reality and setting your expectations too high can lead to frustration and breakups. There are things you can expect though and, in fact, you should expect in a healthy relationship. These things are not negotiable. If your relationship doesn't have these qualities, it will be one-sided in power and not give you the emotional or physical fulfillment a healthy relationship should provide.

The top 7 realistic expectations you can and should count on:

  • Compassion: Your partner should be there emotionally for you when you’re hurting or in pain.

  • Affection: You should be able to expect that your partner will give you affection, including hugs and kisses no matter how they were raised.

  • Respect is not an option: Your partner should honor your opinions and decisions even if they disagree with them. You should never be shamed for the way you feel.

  • Sexual intimacy: not feeling rushed or pushed to do something you’re uncomfortable with in the bedroom is an important part of feeling intimate with your partner.

  • Emotionally connected: you should be able to talk to your partner and have their full attention as well as their truth. Both partners should be able to share their vulnerabilities safely with each other.

  • Consideration: you can expect that your partner will be considerate of your needs and treat you with high regard when making decisions.

  • Generosity: you should be able to expect your partner to be generous emotionally and physically with their time and with their actions. Doing helpful actions without expecting anything in return is being generous with your partner.

If you’re serious about a relationship, your behavior reflects your intention. These seven show your partner your commitment to creating a life together.

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