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Does the Size of Your Engagement Ring Predict Marriage Success?

December is the most popular month for engagements and if you’re one of the lucky couples a new survey may help you choose which ring you want. There is a 30% higher chance that if you spend two to four thousand dollars on a ring compared to spending $500 to $2,000 you’ll end up divorced. Emory University researchers took a survey of more than 3,000 couples and found that buyers in the higher bracket worried about debt two to three times more than those who opted for the less expensive rings. Financial issues are one of the top three reasons couples divorce, and beginning your life together in debt for an engagement ring inflicts unnecessary stress on your marriage.

Although the size of your engagement ring can impact your marital success, there are other important things to consider in predicating divorce. Below are the top five reasons couples say caused their divorce.

  1. Communication is difficult. If you can’t argue and resolve conflicts prior to marriage, it won’t get any easier after marriage. A couple ready for marriage should not feel as though they’re walking on egg shells or cannot be honest with one another.

  2. Sexual issues. If there are intimacy or sex issues prior to marriage, it’s best to talk about it and work to resolve the issue. Satisfied couples report sex being 10% of what they argue about. Whereas, dissatisfied couples report sex as being 90% of what they argue about.

  3. Financial issues. School debt, engagement ring debt and/or credit card debt make marriage difficult and more likely to divorce.

  4. Faith differences. If you’re marrying someone of a different faith, make sure you know exactly what is expected of you and how future children will be raised. This is an important topic to discuss prior to marriage.

  5. Parent’s marriage history. If your parents were divorced, there is a higher risk that you will divorce. Although you can’t change your history, if you grew up in a divorced family, take extra time to prepare and attend classes prior to marriage.

Couples who want their marriage to last are willing to do what’s best for the marriage, and the ones that don’t see divorce as an option are more likely to achieve marriage success.

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