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Dos and Don'ts When Planning a Soft Launch in Your Relationship

Sharing news of your new relationship on social media has become increasingly complex. Posting photos without your partner's consent can lead to backlash, yet staying silent may send unclear signals of either interest or disinterest. Before delving into the do's and don'ts, let's define a soft launch and understand why it has become essential in modern dating. A soft launch introduces someone new in your life to your social media followers with discretion, avoiding potential hurt and complications associated with openly broadcasting your affection. We've all heard of, and perhaps experienced, the turbulence of a hard launch, where everything about a new relationship is laid bare, often leading to its demise. Nobody desires rejection, and the impact of feeling rejected and devalued is heightened when broadcasted on social media. Thus, the primary motivation behind a soft launch is to shield your relationship from public scrutiny.

Beyond shielding yourself from potential heartbreak, there are other reasons to opt for a soft launch in your relationship. The most commonly cited reasons include:

  • Private Nature: If you value your privacy and prefer not to share every aspect of your life on social media, a soft launch is a prudent choice.

  • Early Stages of Connection: If your feelings of connection are developing rapidly, slowing down your social media posts can help minimize heartbreak if the relationship doesn't progress as anticipated.

  • Intuition of Uncertainty: If you've experienced multiple failed relationships, you may develop a heightened intuition that warns you when something isn't right. Some prefer not to make any announcements until they are certain about the relationship.

While there isn't a definitive set of dos and don'ts for launching your relationship, if you choose a soft launch, consider the following guidelines:

  • Open Communication: Clearly communicate your intentions and why sharing your relationship online is important to you.

  • Respect Boundaries: Be mindful of your partner's feelings and establish a respectful way to share your relationship, whether through photos or tags.

  • Prioritize Trust: Keep your promises regarding what you'll post and maintain transparency to demonstrate trustworthiness and integrity.

On the flip side, there are important don'ts to consider:

  • Avoid Rushing Commitment: Pressuring your partner into commitment is a mistake. Allow your relationship the time and space it needs to naturally progress.

  • Don't Ignore Red Flags: Eagerness to showcase your new relationship can make you overlook potential issues. Stay vigilant and address red flags promptly.

  • Maintain Balance: Don't let your life revolve solely around the relationship. Keep a healthy balance, maintaining connections with family and friends.

Regardless of how you choose to launch your relationship, the key to a healthy relationship lies in communication, respect, and honesty. The success or failure of a relationship is not determined by the launch strategy but by whether your partner feels understood, respected, and trusted.


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