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Marriage After 50: Different Weddings, Same Vows

Marriages have a way of bringing family together, and nowhere can you see that more clearly then when couples fifty and over get married. Grandchildren, step children, adult children, and more relatives than you’ll ever see at a family reunion are present. It’s an opportunity to celebrate married life, because there is something about watching people say their vows reinforces your own marriage. If you you’re getting married at an older age, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Older couples should and are registering for gifts. There will always be people who will judge and say, “You should have everything at this age. Why do you need to register?” You may have had everything in the past, but that was most likely with a different husband or at a different time in your life. This is a time to start fresh and build a new life together. Go ahead and register so your guests know what to get you.

  2. Having a big bridal party is perfectly fine and works well since many in the party will be kids or possibly grandkids. With later marriages, there will most likely be children. You don’t need to feel embarrassed about wanting to include them.

  3. You’ll be paying for your wedding without your parents help, but don’t leave them out. Gone are the days that you set your wedding venue according to what your parents could afford. However, if you are close to your parents, don’t rule them out of the fun of planning just because they aren’t footing the bill. This can be a great time for them to bond with your future spouse and make memories.

  4. Older couples have less expensive weddings but more exotic honeymoons and plans for the future. People over 50 usually have enough money to create the celebration they’ve always wanted; however, most of them are smart enough to invest on what matters going forward rather than the wedding day.

  5. If you’re the bride, you can wear a white gown or any color you want. There are more than 50 shades of white if you want that. If you’ve had one big white wedding dress, you can opt for a color you’ve always loved seeing yourself in and go with that. No one’s going to tell you your wedding dress was inappropriate because the ones paying for it are you and your partner.

  6. Leave past marriages in the past. The trickiest part of getting married later in life is leaving past marriages in the past. Don’t refer to an ex in wedding toasts. Mentioning past problems won’t enhance your vows. Begin this marriage celebrating the day and focusing on your new lives together.

Celebrating your love with another person is a wonderful event no matter how old you are. Don’t let rigid etiquette rules or embarrassment about your age limit your ability to celebrate. Dance and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!


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