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Making Mom Feel Special During Quarantine

Mother’s Day is Sunday and, thanks to COVID-19, if there was ever a time to celebrate mom, it’s this year. Almost overnight, mothers have had to balance teaching older children, engaging younger children, working from home, and, for many, all-day cleaning and cooking for the family. Taking one day to celebrate her dedication and all she does is important.

Mother’s Day may require more creativity this year during COVID-19 to find things mom will treasure; after all, you cannot send her to a spa or beauty salon. However, that should not prevent you from celebrating mom. Here are some suggestions that will make your mom feel special. The only limit is your imagination; so, get inspired and begin making plans now.

  1. Breakfast in bed. Get mom off to the right start and serve her a breakfast of her favorites. Order out if you are not a cook. Place it on a tray with a small vase of flowers and a homemade card to make her feel loved.

  2. Make a wreath for her front door. Home-made gifts are best, so make a wreath to cheer her up when she opens the door. She will think of you every day as she sees the door.

  3. Have a mother-daughter/son movie night. Find a movie that reminds you of your childhood and watch it with your mom. Moms never outgrow getting cozy on the couch with their children.

  4. Set up a Happy Hour in your driveway for your mom and her friends. Moms need their friends. Organize a get-together where they are safely spaced and have masks along with take-out dinners for each guest.

  5. Take an online dance, yoga, or cardio class with your mom. It is always more fun to exercise with someone. Taking the time to invest in a healthy activity with your mom helps her know you care. It also feels good to laugh and sweat together.

Moms are the backbones of our families. They provide security when we are afraid, hope when we feel defeated, and wisdom when we lose our way in life. Take the opportunity to love and remind your mom how much you need her in your life.

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