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Keep Calm and Survive

My first memory of being afraid was when I was about four years old. There was a tornado passing over my town, but it wasn’t the storm that caused my fear; after all, I didn’t know what a tornado was. What frightened me was my parents’ anxiety and stress – their worried looks and tone. Their fear became my own.

As Hurricane Harvey continues to dominate headlines, it’s important to gather your loved ones and buckle down the hatch. It is important to be prepared and keep calm during these times. You and your family will possibly experience situations you didn’t expect, but stress will add fuel to the fire. These skills will help you help your children which will be remembered long after the storm has passed.

  1. Remember you are your child’s barometer. Children look to their parents to reassure them and comfort them. Let your children know that you are the adult and you have things under control.

  2. Make sure to have ample supplies, food and, water. If and when the power goes off, have a surprise picnic on the floor. Light candles, tell stories, and take the “scary” out of the storm.

  3. As much as possible, keep routines. School may be canceled but you still must make your bed in the morning and you still get story time at night.

  4. Have game nights. No power means no gadgets and that’s a good opportunity for families to communicate one-on-one with each other.

  5. Practice simple living. Kids love to camp, and they love being with mom and dad. Pull out the sleeping bags and light the lanterns.

  6. You can’t control Mother Nature, but you can control your reactions. Keep your family safe and know that Mother Nature may wreak havoc on your home, car, or belongings but that’s okay. Your family is safe with you.


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