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Honoring Motherhood: Why and How We Celebrate

Regardless of parenting books consumed and consultations sought prior to your child’s arrival, no one can adequately prepare you for the daunting but exhilarating journey of motherhood. Insight into the sleepless nights and exhaustion which follow the day we are handed our bundle of joy might compel many of us to reconsider the choice of parenthood, but no one more strongly impacts our lives through love and cultivation than mothers: our first teacher, doctor, nurse, lawyer, playmate, and confidante. She believes in you on those days you aren’t certain you believe in yourself. As Mother’s Day approaches, it may seem impossible to convey the specialness she deserves. After all, how do you thank someone for giving you life and loving and encouraging you even when you might not deserve it?

Mother’s Day encompasses much more than a Hallmark greeting card or a phone call or text. It’s a day to reflect upon your mother’s incredible influence on you, your relationship choices, and any child you will raise. Through their actions, moms illustrate their love. When everyone else abandons us, mom is there. To help you celebrate your mother, I have listed several suggestions to make her feel special and grateful you are her child:

1. A luxurious, at-home spa day. Every mom appreciates a makeover and an opportunity to relax, and several companies now offer traveling spa appointments. Why not let mom luxuriate in the comfort of her home with bottomless mimosas! Nothing makes you feel more special than glowing skin and nails to match.

2. Over-the-top breakfast in bed. Make mom feel like a queen by serving brunch for one. Instead of traditional foods, serve what mom would order at a restaurant, adding a flower and candle for an extra special treat. Avocado toast or eggs benedict can be ordered out if you aren’t a cook. Take command of the children and let her enjoy her favorite music or classic movie as she dines. Offer to be her waiter and server because some moms don’t know how to sit still and be waited on.

3. Plan a picnic with your mom. If your mom enjoys the outdoors, tell her you have planned a surprise outing. Pack a picnic basket and get her out of the house. Spend time laughing about childhood memories and discussing things you admire most about her. Moms need to hear you appreciate your childhood and remember the loving things she did for you.

4. Check out a new adventure. If your mom is healthy and enjoys adventures, take her someplace she’ll enjoy. An interesting coffee shop, bookstore or park is the perfect place to enjoy an experience together and chat with your mom one-on-one. Moms need to know you want to spend time with them and choose them over your friends. One of the biggest gifts in life is the person you are born to so let her know your appreciation.

5. Schedule a long-distance video date. If you are unable to visit mom on Mother’s Day, meet her on a video chat. You can share a meal or coffee while you take the time to visit with her. One of the best ways to show someone you love them is by offering them your attention. Live your life honoring the person who gave you life by communicating your gratitude that she is your mother.

Months before your mother first held you, she knew you. She experienced your movements, identified your preferences, and felt your kicks. No one will ever love you the way your mom does so utilize this day to celebrate her and let her know you appreciate all she has done for you.


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