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Exchanging Post-Vacation Blues for an Improved Everyday Life

You just got back from your summer vacation and now it’s time to go back to “real life.” Post-summer vacation blues are a real thing. The excitement, the lazy mornings, and late evenings are over. Feelings of urgency and stress begin moments after you get back.

Reflecting on your vacation is one the best gifts of vacation, but you shouldn’t let it bring you down. Here’s a few tips for getting back into the swing of daily life:

  • Help children re-adjust. If you have children, keep in mind that they may get post-vacation blues, too. Unfortunately, they may not be able to verbally express what they feel. They miss the closeness and increased attention they had with mom and dad on vacation; that’s hard to give up when parents go back to their busy schedules. Parents can help when they keep some of the traditions they had on their vacation in their everyday life. You don’t need a campfire or cabin to enjoy s’mores in the backyard and tell stories.

  • Get back into your healthy eating/exercise plan. If you gained weight on vacation (most of us do), getting back on track with your diet and exercise will give you more energy. Make a healthy food plan you can follow the first couple weeks after your vacation. Ease slowly back into your exercise routine. When you return to a healthy lifestyle, you’re more likely to feel upbeat about returning home.

  • Get organized with your work. Going back to work is less stressful if you made plans before you left work. Have a clear idea of what’s urgent and what can wait. Pacing yourself and keeping the same work hours you had before you left is less overwhelming.

  • Bring your vacation into your everyday routine. One benefit of a vacation includes all the new ideas, inspirations, and skills you learned. If your family went on daily hikes, continue that. It’s simple to do and it brings the same connection at home as it did on vacation. If you and your partner enjoyed a particular food while you were vacationing, try cooking it together on date night. Find out something special about yourself? Incorporate that insight into your daily life!

  • Share memories and plan your next vacation. The best memories from your trip can create a lively discussion with your family. Try having a Friday night pizza night with the whole family to sit and reminisce about their favorite vacation memories. It’s also a great time to plan your next vacation.

Summer vacations are a time of personal and family growth. They’re important to your mental and physical health. They’re not a luxury but a necessity. Feeling down after being close with your family or partner is normal, but continuing to feel sad for months after your return is not. Use your vacation experiences to give you a new and improved everyday life.


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