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Cuffing Season in the Time of COVID-19

Maybe you’ve dismissed the idea of cuffing season in the past, but if you’re lonely or wanting to date this holiday season, chances are you’ll reconsider. Single people who feel isolated or vulnerable during the pandemic may find themselves discontent with their status. Cuffing season is a time when people who typically enjoy being single suddenly desire a serious relationship. Since the holiday season has typically been viewed as one of the most romantic times of the year, you can expect more attention from prospective daters beginning mid-month November through mid-month February. Cuffing season is an innocent dating pattern of finding someone special to share the holiday season with

Relationship experts believe that with the time change and colder weather, it becomes more important for people to connect. Pre-COVID you may have connected to someone and spent hours cozied up on the couch watching a Netflix holiday special, but this year you’ll connect virtually. It doesn’t matter how you connect, according to experts, but it’s crucial that you do. Although the time together may be virtual, I have 5 suggestions on how you can make the most of the season.

  1. Discuss what you want from the relationship before you go on your first video date. It is best to save video dates for later after you’ve talked to the person via chat. A video date is more intimate than meeting in a neutral place for coffee so don’t rush this part.

  2. Limit the time of the date. One of the biggest problems with virtual dating is not setting boundaries on the amount of time. Good boundaries show your partner you respect your responsibilities and have strong values.

  3. Have date plans. Making holiday cookies or sharing a holiday video series online helps you feel connected and are part of what makes the holidays special. Having date plans and being able to laugh together is so important for mental health.

  4. Consider spending time together outside. Being outside is considered low risk with distancing. A hiking date or a walk in the park is a great way to relieve tension and get to know each other. Most of us need to move more; having a walking companion and date is a win/win combination.

  5. Romance is unlimited so think outside the box. Romance is not limited - no matter what the constraints. There are 100 ways to show someone they are important to you. COVID-19 has been helpful in sorting out the individuals who talk the talk without being prepared to walk the walk.

If your date tells you the relationship is off because it’s just too hard to date online, believe them. In most cases, they wanted more than they were willing to give. You are better off without that sort of investment. Never risk your health for a date. Walk away if cuffing season leaves you feeling as though you’re merely someone’s holiday muse.


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