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6 Ways to Give Yourself the Gift of Enjoying Christmas

If you find yourself sleeping less and worrying more during the holidays, you’re not alone. Feeling overwhelmed is a common feeling during the holidays, which drains the joy away from what makes the holiday season so special.

If you’re one of those people who worries about the shopping, cookie exchange, and arriving guests, I encourage you to let go of that burden and focus on what brings true joy during the holidays. Letting go of perfection and focusing on enjoying and experiencing the sights, activities, and family connection during the holiday season will bring you lasting joy and foster favorite family memories.

To help you enjoy and refocus on what matters most during the season, I have included these eight suggestions:

  1. Accept it won’t be perfect, and that’s okay. The holidays are not about you performing and creating perfection. No one enjoys seeing someone feel and act overwhelmed and frazzled with a to-do list. It’s better to spend time enjoying and laughing more with shared experiences that happen only during the holidays.

  2. Start a tradition of making gifts instead of buying them. Homemade cookies and breads communicate love and decorating a mirror for your child’s room with their favorite memories tells them they matter.

  3. Donate clothes and toys to a good cause. Make it a family affair to clean out closets and package up things you’ve outgrown or grown tired of; it will mean the world to someone with nothing.

  4. Adopt a family. Choose a family from a local church or nonprofit and make it a family event of being someone else’s “elf.” Doing good for others and filling a family’s shopping list helps you appreciate what you have and leaves you feeling better about yourself and your family.

  5. Schedule time for yourself. The meaning of Christmas is a sacred one. Take time to reflect on your faith and your life. Use Christmas to restore broken and neglected parts of yourself needing extra attention.

  6. Create a classic movie night. Designating a day during the holiday season for the family to watch old, classic holiday movies reminds us of the importance of togetherness and what family really means. Plus, kids love special times with family.

Wanting a perfect Christmas is normal, but it’s crucial to have the ability to step back from the busyness long enough to realize that the perfection is what’s causing the pressure and stress. Anyone who loves you wants to see you involved and happy spending time with them. That’s perfect enough for those you love.


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