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Be You: 6 “Flaws” That Make You More Attractive

Beauty is only skin deep, and the standard set by social media influencers and their photo filters increases our sensitivity to and criticism of our physical appearance. However, the true attractiveness of a potential mate is revealed the longer you know the person, and often those attractive qualities may be those you consider to be a flaw. For example, other people may find the way you laugh or stumble over physical objects endearing and charming.

While the research depicting attractive qualities is extensive, these six traits consistently appear across surveys, and the reasoning behind the attractive flaw is sound.

  1. Easily embarrassed. Do you easily blush? Have you been told you fluster too quickly? If so, you may exhibit this trait adored by others - especially men. Men perceive these women as sincere, genuine, and transparent. Plus, they trust them more for their authenticity.

  2. Prone to shyness. People who fidget, appear uncomfortable at social events, and have difficulty speaking up usually fit this category. These individuals seem to be better listeners and more down-to-earth. And let’s be honest: in a world full of self-promotion, hanging out with a bashful person feels refreshing! As an added bonus, introverts are often seen as mysterious, a trait men particularly find attractive.

  3. Clumsy in nature. Who doesn’t love a klutz? Especially cute in the eyes of men, clumsy folks put others at ease and come across as more genuine. Being clumsy draws others to you because you stand out as vulnerable without giving off an air of pretention. Others want to engage with you to offer help, which increases their own self-confidence.

  4. Tendency to laugh at yourself. Humor is one of those qualities that brings out the best in others. If you’ve been told that you laugh too loudly, come across as odd, or are insanely funny, it’s likely you possess this wonderful flaw. People who laugh loudly and see the silliness in life and themselves exude joy and attract others.

  5. Radically honest. Some people tell others what they don’t want to hear, and although not attractive to everyone, it is attractive to someone tired of yes (wo)men. An honest person is vulnerable, meaning you also understand that some people are not ready to hear the truth. This trait earns others’ respect and trust because they know you aren’t a game player.

  6. Propensity to overshare. If you notice everyone around you knows more about you than you know about them, you’re probably an oversharer. Although this trait might not attract everyone, it ranks highly as a positive trait because oversharers appear engaging, genuine, approachable, and easy to get to know. On dating apps and first dates, oversharers often find greater success on dating apps and first dates, as they encourage others to feel more comfortable opening up and sharing parts of themselves.

Most of our limits in life are self-created by our inner critic and our perception of how others feel toward us. If you are fortunate enough to carry any of these flaws, don’t hide them or allow them to make you feel self-conscious - flaunt them! Someone needs a partner with these flaws to feel needed and valued.


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