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5 Significant Actions That Make Men Stand Out To Their Partner

How you like your coffee, the back rub that helps when you’re feeling stressed, or that encouraging note your partner leaves you when you’re nervous about work. What sounds like ordinary insignificant actions become extraordinary when your partner manages to do small things that make you feel noticed and loved no matter how busy life gets.

Men may think their partner needs or wants an exotic weekend away or to be dined at the most expensive restaurant, but psychologists advise that a standout partner offers small, thoughtful gestures to convey their love over elaborate or expensive things. These small but significant actions are the building blocks to deeper intimacy. Numerous surveys of married women have revealed what makes a partner stand out as being their greatest love. These five actions appeared most consistently.

1. Prioritizes my family as their own. Women surveyed agreed that they felt more in love with a man who made their family feel as special and loved as their own. Being thoughtful to the parents who raised your spouse communicates to your partner that you love and care for her mom and dad independent from her. This action instills greater trust, and she will think more highly of you.

2. Cares for me in sickness. Women who had developed a serious illness or other health scare commented on ways their husband stepped in with heroic skills. From taking care of meals, kids, the house, and blow-drying their wives’ hair, men who stand out step up when their partner is down. A partner will never forget the kindness shown to them by their mate when they were ill.

3. Protects me by attending to small things. Women reported that the men who stood out filled their car with gas, offered their parking space so their wife could be closer to the door, stocked emergency supplies in her car, and checked her tires. These small actions may seem ordinary and simple to men, but they are tremendous to the woman who loves and depends on them.

4. Shares the household chores. Topping the list as the most popular way to stand out, guys who share the load by cleaning, cooking, and taking care of household tasks demonstrate consistency and a desire to share the emotional and physical effort of the relationship. Women were so appreciative of this one action that it became their main brag about their husband to family and friends.

5. Willingly participates in an activity that makes you happy. The greatest act of love occurs when you are willing to give your time by attending an event or activity that disinterests you but will make your partner happy. It classifies you as a standout guy.

There are a million small things that make you stand out to your partner. Engaging in one or two every day communicates your presence and love to your partner and that there is no one else you would rather be with.


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