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5 Sanity-Saving Tips for Parents During Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner, and although your children may see it as a break from school, activities, or normal schedules, the week may not feel like a break to parents. While schedules may be a little more relaxed without the frenzy of school projects or carpooling, a week at home with no break for the parents can feel stressful and overwhelming.

Every parent wants to enjoy their children and create lifelong family memories. If you plan to take off from work or work from home during spring break, these tips can help everyone feel special while enjoying time together.

  1. Have fun without a special trip or Disney Land adventure. Travel is expensive and hectic for families. Plan an easy but fun day trip by visiting the rodeo, zoo, or a state park. All these adventures are nearby and easy to navigate, which reduces your stress and leaves more time for fun.

  2. Keep the kiddos on a normal schedule. When vacationing from home, it’s a good idea to stay consistent with bedtimes, mealtimes, and naptimes. Kids are more secure and better behaved when schedules remain unchanged. Add to the excitement and boost family connection without additional stress by allowing your children to stay up later with a family movie for a single night.

  3. Connect with family and friends. Let your kids invite one friend for a sleepover or play date. It’s easy to pull out dress-up clothes or treat the kids to a picnic at a local park. This offers you time to socialize with other parents and friends, an important component for maintaining mental health and wellbeing. Your mental state is one of the biggest predictors of your child’s mental wellbeing. Connecting with others in your situation calms and stabilizes your mood.

  4. Find a babysitter and take time for your marriage. Spend one night of spring break enjoying your partner. Heading out for a special romantic dinner on a weeknight helps you both enjoy the week a little bit more. Spring break is a different experience as a parent, but different doesn’t have to mean less fun. If you cannot find a sitter, opt for a girls’ night with dad at home minding the children followed by a boys’ night with mom on duty. This turn-based approach gives each parent a stress-free night and boosts your partner’s gratitude.

  5. Engage in learning opportunities together. Visit the library, botanical garden, or zoo and pose questions that allow each person to learn something new. Talk with your children about what they learned. There are endless activities that embrace learning. If you’re in the mood to stay home, challenge your children by working on a simple puzzle together as you discuss where the pieces should be placed.

For all of you courageous moms and dads who plan to stay home during spring break, keep it simple. Your children build memories by seeing you laugh, play, and genuinely enjoying being with them. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go. Rather, your presence and engagement create a memorable spring break for them!


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