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5 Green Flags to Look for in Your Relationship

We’ve all been warned about red flags to watch for when dating a potential partner. Ignoring those warnings can lead to a relationship riddled with dysfunction. However, we rarely talk about the “green flags” to watch for in your relationship. Too often we get caught up in the negative parts of the relationship, so it’s important to make sure we’re fostering healthy, positive parts of the relationship. Below are signs that classify as “green flags.”

1. You can let your guard down and be yourself. In a healthy relationship, you don’t keep secrets or pretend to be someone you’re not. When you have the right partner, you know you’ll be loved even on your bad days.

2. You can communicate with them about everything. When you’re with someone that communicates well and is easy to talk with, that’s a green flag. Healthy relationships consist of being able to talk to each other about any topic without worrying or sweeping tough topics under the rug.

3. Your partner can control and manage their emotions. In a healthy relationship both partners are responsible and in control of their own self-care and emotional health. It’s a green flag when your partner is responsible for how they feel and don’t expect or depend on you to make them happy.

4. You share a mutual respect of personal boundaries. A well-known red flag is when someone repeatedly attempts to invade your personal space. In a healthy relationship your partner should encourage and respect your boundaries. For example, they should not come over unannounced unless you have made it clear that is acceptable behavior.

5. You’re able to work on relationship issues together. One of the hallmark green flags for relationship satisfaction is partners sharing responsibility for solving relationship issues. This makes each individual partner feel supported and gives the couple confidence that they can survive the ups and downs of life.

When you’re dating, it’s only natural to be on the look out for red flags or potential problems in your relationship. But don’t let that mindset blind you to the green flags. Being aware of what is going well helps you relax and allow the relationship the space and trust it deserves to grow.


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