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5 Great Ways to Date Your Spouse on Valentine’s Day

Life gets crazy when you’re juggling work demands, raising children, and keeping up with household chores. How does anyone have time to think about or plan for Valentine’s Day? You may not have time, but you should refocus and reschedule your time to include dating your partner. One of the character traits successful couples share is their ability to take time and “date” each other. It’s crucial to the health of your marriage to share relaxing and enjoyable experiences without the kids, phones, or other interruptions.

Effects of Dating on Marriage:

  • Improves communication – it’s easier to talk about tough topics when you’re on the same page and communicating well

  • Relieve stress – enjoying each other and feeling connected reduces stress

  • Improves teamwork - you’ll like your partner more and agree on discipline for the kids and other big decisions when you both feel like a priority

  • Creates fun memories – keeping the humor alive increases intimacy

Valentine’s Day is the perfect “date night” opportunity to take your spouse out or create a fun date at home. Here are five ideas to help you plan:

  1. Set up a “do it yourself” photo op. This works great and its fun for couples to set up a back drop. You can use it as your profile picture for social media or as an anniversary card. It’s fun because you can dress as you like and get creative with backgrounds.

  2. Plan a themed dinner date and cook together. What foods do you enjoy most? Plan a theme night around foods and drinks you like or would like to try. Since it’s just the two of you, if you don’t like the food you prepared you can order in.

  3. Have an in-house couples massage. This is enjoyable for couples who work in high stress fields. The power of touch communicates empathy and connection to your partner. Search YouTube, and you’ll be able to set up a massage studio in your home complete with music, lighting, and techniques.

  4. Have a friend’s couple game night. For couples who need more social interaction, humor, and play time, getting out cards or board games and ordering pizza makes a fantastic date night. The advantage to this date is you also get to see good friends who support your marriage.

  5. Prepare a fondue night. This is my personal favorite. It’s easy, fun, and promotes great conversation. No experience is necessary; you can even make it all about chocolate. Begin with good music and lighting and get out the melted chocolate, angel food cake, and fruits. Then cozy up on the sofa for a romantic, intimate night!

Great marriages don’t just happen; they’re created by partners who continually put effort into wanting to please their partner. There is no better way to experience the incredible feeling of being connected and intimate with one person than to plan a date night for your spouse. Have a wonderful meaningful Valentine’s Day!


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