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4 Tips to Improve Your Relationship During Daylight Savings Time

Researchers have warned us that springing forward with Daylight Savings Time can have negative consequences on our health. It’s shown to increase the number of heart attacks and car accidents, and, of course, the sleep disturbances leave people feeling more frustrated or irritable. However, in the fall as the clocks move back an hour, many of us get to sleep in an extra hour or use that time to connect with the one we love. The feeling of an extra hour of sleep is luxurious and one we shouldn’t take for granted.

Gaining an hour is much easier than losing it. Reminding yourself of the jolt you’ll feel when we must spring forward can help you prepare and take notice of the season change. Your body will still have to adjust even though the time change is only an hour but planning of ways to connect with those you love can help you feel closer and warmer all winter long. These four suggestions can help you improve your relationship with the ones you love.

1. Use the extra time to connect to friends. When we lose a friend/loved one, we regret the time we didn’t spend with them. This is your chance to give the person on your heart a call to schedule a meet up. It shows them when you have extra time, you choose to spend it with them.

2. Disconnect from social media and re-connect with life. When’s the last time you took a walk to enjoy nature, gazed at the stars with your kids, or got up and enjoyed a cup of coffee without staring at your phone? Use this hour to re-energize your brain and creativity. Relax, do nothing, and be still.

3. Spend an hour talking to your partner in bed. Bed is for sleeping and bonding. Many couples find it difficult to have protected time together to talk and share their thoughts. Use the extra hour to revisit your travel plans, future goals, and what you love most about each other.

4. Make a late-night date. The night before the time change is the longest night, so use it to your advantage. Talk about it and decide. Are there movies you’ve been wanting to see or projects you’ve wanted to get done? Couples who make plans to use the time change to get closer feel more productive and connected the day after the clocks fall back.

The happiest people can create awe with everyday events. We’ve lived through many time changes, but when is the last time you planned an extra hour in a meaningful way? Your life is precious, find meaning in the routine events that happen and create memories your family will look forward to next year.


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