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Have a Family Fun Day Before Sending Children Back to School

August brings the reminder of new beginnings and transitions. Although you may be feeling lethargic from the heat and still cleaning sand left over from June and July’s vacations, your children are very aware their life is about to change. Transitions are a challenge no matter what age you are; getting up earlier, completing homework, and getting back into a routine is something many families struggle with the week before school.

Since school hasn’t started yet, there is still time to create family memory your children will not forget. Make it an end of summer blast from the past family fun days at your house. Happy memories we carry with us from childhood help decrease anxiety and depression and restore a sense of peace well into our adult years. Make your home one that values family unity and laughter by setting a family fun day and making it a tradition for your family. It’s easy to do and fun for the whole family. Here’s some tips to get started:

  1. Don’t spend money. Get the kids involved in planning the day’s activities. Dig out board games and puzzles. Organize a pillow fight, horseshoes, and other outside games weather defending.

  2. Invite grandma, grandpa, and relatives far and near. Have the kids make the invitations.

  3. Make a cake that says, “Family Fun Day.”

  4. Dress up the dogs and cats so they can celebrate, too.

  5. One of my children’s favorites was making “the world’s largest ice cream sundaes.” They made the sundaes according to what people ordered in oversized bowls. It taught them to serve others and have fun creating in the kitchen.

There is no limit to what your family fun day can be. We celebrate families because the healthier the family, the healthier our schools, communities, and societies will become. Take time to enjoy your family and have a wonderful family fun day!

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