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What does your Halloween costume say about your relationship?

It’s that time of the year when couples begin talking about what they’re dressing up as for Halloween. It may seem insignificant who wears what costume, but relationship researchers suggest it reveals a lot about the couple. To fall in love is to grow and want another person to share your life. It’s natural at Halloween that you want to include your partner in your costume decision. Relationship experts remind couples that although Halloween is a fun, casual celebration, it’s also significant in revealing couples’ relationship styles.

Couples who use more inclusive words, conversations, and the words “we” or “us” have a deeper connection and sense of support. Demonstrating that you’re a couple with your costume reveals that you’re committed to each other and enjoy being part of this relationship.

Along with your decision of how to dress up are feelings that may or may not make you want to dress as a couple. It may have nothing to do with your commitment and more about your feelings of privacy and what you show the world. If you’re anxious or fearlessly independent, you may find it a bore to go as the other half of anyone. Maybe your partner is independent and wants to do their own thing; however, behind these feelings may be someone who is intimacy avoidant and has difficulty with commitment.

My best advice is to talk about what you’re going to dress up and why. If you want to show the world that you’re in a committed relationship, but your partner wants to do their own thing talk to them about the reasons why instead of getting hurt or angry. Halloween is supposed to be a time to act silly and enjoy each other’s company. No matter what you dress up as these ideas can help you enhance your Halloween intimacy.

  1. The scent of pumpkin pie peaks men’s desire so forget the exotic perfumes and bake pie.

  2. Chocolate raises endorphins and other “feel good” hormones which decreases anxiety. Make sure your costume has pockets full of chocolate.

  3. The best Halloween night can be candlelit time in your own haunted house, wearing whatever costume makes you feel intimate and close with your partner.

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