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Dispelling the Myth of the ‘Perfect Mom’

Bad Moms is a new movie just opening in theatres and although it’s promoted as a ‘girls’/moms’ fun-loving movie, it carries a deeper message for all moms. The pressures of work, parenting and relationships at home have become impossible to manage. You can’t be all things to all people and when you try to be room mom, PTO president as well as your child’s best friend, you’re missing a fundamental part of parenting.

Your child needs you to be their mom. They need you to set limits and hold them accountable to grow up feeling confident and good about themselves. You may get the least resistance from your kids and be thought of as the best mom on the block if you do everything for your child, but you’ll raise kids who feel entitled and act bratty when they’re grown. Kids need chores, and they need you to enforce the boundaries at home.

Six essentials every child needs:

  1. Your child needs your time. Setting up a quiet time reading or taking a walk is everything to building trust with your child.

  2. Set boundaries and have follow through when kids don’t follow them. This teaches your child respect.

  3. Don’t be afraid to be viewed as a “bad mom” to say no. Your child’s safety and protection is your first priority.

  4. Hug, and show your child loving gestures as much as you can. This is especially true as they grow older.

  5. Don’t do for your child what they can do for themselves. Doing everything for your children raises helpless, entitled kids.

  6. Be on your child’s team and believe in them but don’t rescue them from taking the consequences of poor choices. This is how kids learn.

You love your child and you want to be the best parent you can be, but to be the best you sometimes have to risk their rolling eyes or tantrums and be the “bad” mom.

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