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Why You Attract Married Men

Are you just in the wrong place at the wrong time or are you finding yourself constantly being approached, wined and dined by unavailable men? It’s becoming easier for many women to find themselves in a situation where they have the right chemistry, great conversation and intimacy with someone they later find out is newly married, recently separated, but not divorced, or married for life but not happy.

There are numerous reasons people continue to date even when they’re committed. They may want the excitement of chasing someone new, feeling desired again, or the challenge as to whether or not they can get the person to sleep with them, but the bottom line is they lack empathy. They don’t care about the person they’re trying to seduce. Nor do they care about what their committed partner would think or feel. They’re using the person for ego or self-validation. There’s always a story and they use that story to validate why they’re chasing someone new.

What types of women attract unavailable men?

  1. They appear open and fun loving. This is attractive to almost everyone who has ever tried to start up a conversation.

  2. They’re independent. He knows he won’t have to explain why he only can see her on monthly visits.

  3. They don’t talk about their private life. Most of the women who have “dated” a married man will never talk to anyone about it.

  4. Women who date married men don’t want to be tied down with the burdens of a relationship. This message may be unconsciously sent but is very real. Guys pick up on it.

  5. The majority of women dating married man have soft boundaries and low personal expectations in finding someone loyal and committed.

If the only men you’re meeting are married, these suggestions may help you spot them before anything develops.

  1. He’s a charmer, fun to talk with and listens well.

  2. He moves fast, tells you everything you want to hear and wants to get physical quickly.

  3. Stays away from discussing his personal life.

  4. Makes you feel special, beautiful, and like the only one in the room.

  5. Loves your voice, and talking to you. The list goes on and on with many things he finds attractive about you. This makes it very easy to talk with him about very personal things.

If you’ve been looking for a long while for that special person, it’s easy to become jaded with the idea of trusting anyone. Although it’s true, not everyone is who they say they are. You always have a choice of what your part in the relationship will be. If you believe in commitment, loyalty and faithfulness then don’t settle for someone who doesn’t. As a general rule, believe half of what potential partners say, and watch them carefully. People reveal themselves through the way they treat others.

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