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What Moms Want from Dads in the Bedroom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day moms look forward to and dad’s dread. The pressure is real; what do you give the woman who spends her entire life giving to her kids and family? How do you make mom feel special? Moms lovingly accept breakfast in bed (spills and all) and homemade cards, but moms aren’t always honest about what they want from their partners. What they really want doesn’t require a big budget. In fact, mom is quite happy hanging out in the bedroom all day – sleeping and having alone time – if she is confident that you can handle the kids and housework.

Dads, instead of shopping for the perfect gift, clear your calendar, plan activities for the kids, and take over the household duties of the day. Nothing will make her feel as close and connected to you than showing her what a great husband and father she married. Keep these points in mind:

  1. Mom wants to sleep in. She wants her partner to get up earlier and take care of the kids.

  2. Moms like breakfast in bed, but not if they’re expected to clean it up. Be prepared to clean up after breakfast in bed. A better option is to make her coffee and take it to her after she has had a full night’s sleep.

  3. Mom wants to stay in her pajamas and catch up on her TV shows without interruption. This is a great time for dads to take the kids to the park or outside.

  4. Moms love a good back or foot massage. Schedule it in during the kids’ nap time!

  5. Fix her favorite dinner. Don’t argue about cleaning up – just do it because you can and you love her. Modeling acts of love for your children is the greatest gift you can give your wife and your children.

Saying “I love you” in a card is important, but when partners show their love to each other with actions, it’s so much more meaningful. Your wife will not forget her Mother’s Day, and she will be reminded for years to come of how fortunate she is to have a husband like you.

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