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What a Woman Wants for Valentine's Day is as Easy as 1-2-3

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up fast, and if you’re sitting on the couch frustrated about what the woman in your life wants, I have 3 suggestions that can help you.

1. Get busy now and plan something. Most women usually do it all – they schedule the babysitter, the Uber, and the reservation. Although she enjoys a night out, the responsibility for planning and executing every detail of the evening isn’t relaxing. So, begin now and plan. Line up the babysitter and make a reservation at a place she loves or try a new place that will impress her. The most important intention is for you to take charge and let her feel totally taken care of by you.

2. Be her significant other. One way we show our partner they matter is we put effort into our time together. When you take her out on Valentine’s Day, dress your best, put on her favorite cologne, and make her feel special. If she’s married to you or has been with you for several dates, it’s easy to get lazy with putting effort into dating her. Spending an evening looking at her instead of your phone will have a profound effect on your relationship.

3. Get her a gift and write a sweet note. Women are more verbal than men. and words mean a lot. It’s so easy to text, but a handwritten note says so much more. She needs to know that you would choose her again and again. She also needs to hear you express your love in something handwritten so she can re-read it. A gift tells her you thought about her on Valentines’ Day, and she was important enough that you didn’t postpone getting her a small token of love.

How you end the evening is totally up to you, but don’t come home and plop on the couch, patting yourself on the back for a job well done. Your job as her man is not done until you are both in bed. Have the whole evening planned out so that anytime any friend or family member asks her about her Valentine’s Day she can proudly say, “I have the BEST man in the world.” Happy Valentine’s Day!


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