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Single and Embracing Valentine’s Day

It’s easy to feel frustrated and a little down when your coupled friends are telling you about their Valentine’s Day plans. Although it doesn’t seem to bother you any other time of the year, there’s something about Valentine’s Day that makes you feel nostalgic or alone. However, it’s not having a partner that makes Valentine’s Day great – it’s feeling loved. You can still feel loved by celebrating self-care and making others feel special. Below are five ways to make yourself feel special and help you see the love around you.

  1. Make the day about someone other than you. Who has been through it all with you? Who has supported you in the good and bad times and seen you at your best and worst? Consider giving them chocolates or a sincere note, telling them how much you appreciate them.

  2. Be grateful instead of resentful of your couple friends. Research has shown that good relationships, just like bad relationships, are contagious. If you’re closest friends have found someone special, there is a very good chance you will, too.

  3. Avoid pity parties at home or hanging out with bitter singles that talk badly about relationships. This will makes you feel worse about your situation and creates the most unattractive attitude to meet someone new. It is much wiser to go out with upbeat, positive friends who are dating but haven’t found their special person yet.

  4. Plan to do something you’ve never done. When you’re part of a couple, you have to agree on something you both enjoy doing. When you’re by yourself or with a good friend who has similar interests, you can try something risqué or exciting that you’ve always wanted to do.

  5. Visit your closest gym. You’ll get a great workout and won’t have to wait for the machines on Valentine’s Day. It’s inspiring to set your sights on the next single’s holiday, which is Spring Break. Feeling confident about your body on the beach is the single person’s revenge for enduing Valentine’s Day festivities.

Valentine’s Day is thought to originate in the third century after Saint Valentine was thrown in jail. As he was facing his execution, he wrote a love letter to his beloved and signed it, “From your Valentine.” Don’t let the craziness of Valentine’s Day marketing cause you to beat yourself up for being single. Celebrate the day loving yourself and others.


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