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Relationship Resolutions to Revive 2021

Few were sad to say goodbye to 2020, and with the New Year, everyone is focused on making 2021 better. Many couples are now struggling with increased conflict and stress, leading to poor communication and isolation. Writing resolutions for your relationship can keep things interesting and romantic. Here are resolution suggestions to help you get started and make 2021 the best year for you and your partner:

1. Discuss your relationship vision and list goals for the future. Your relationship needs meaningful discussions. Sharing your personal life goals and discussing how that will affect your relationship will keep you working together and headed in the same direction.

2. Do a weekly digital detox. Make it a habit to shut your phones off and get away from your screens for 3 to 6 hours a week. Use that time to be with each other, completely present and engaged.

3. Practice active listening and avoid assumptions. Sometimes when we know someone so well, we begin believing they are totally predictable. We fill in what they think or feel unfairly. This year, practice really listening and being curious about why your partner said or did what they did. This will avoid misjudgments and shutting each other down.

4. Connect with each other’s family. A major source of contention in families is in-law family issues. Make it a point to check in with both families via phone or online. It will help you understand your partner more and make holidays less stressful. When spouses interact with their partner’s family, their partner feels more loved and closer to their spouse.

5. Make time to try something your partner has always wanted you to try. Whether it’s tennis, golf, or fly fishing, try something that allows your partner to teach you. When couples teach each other a new activity, they feel more united and spend more time together. It also promotes understanding and patience with each other.

Part of the excitement of a New Year is reviving what is going on in your life. Last year was a year of growth for many couples. Take time to plan and set goals and then encourage each other toward the actions necessary to achieve them. Celebrate a New Year by co-creating something you love being part of.


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