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Why Micro-Adventures are the Perfect Way to Celebrate Summer

If you’re looking for adventure with your children without breaking the bank, a micro-adventure is a perfect way to achieve both. When we think of adventure, we think about traveling to far-off places, exploring new sights, and experiencing thrill, but it doesn’t need to. No matter where you live or how tight your budget is, adventure is everywhere and for everyone.

If you want to plan to micro-adventure, here’s some criteria to meet.

· It should be achievable.

· It must fit within your budget.

· It should be of interest and exciting for every family member.

· Keep it close to home.

· The objective is to create new memories

· There is no time limit, but the shorter the better (even just one night).

Here are a few micro-adventures that have been tested and highly rated by numerous families.

1. Go camping the primitive way. Some people stay at cabins or go “glamping,” but nothing can give you the experience of sleeping under the stars and being close to nature with a tent and sleeping bag. You’ll also escape the crowds of people and see more animals than ever before.

2. Take a trip on the backroads and purposely let yourself get lost. We have grown dependent on our GPS, but when you lose a signal and have to resort to a paper map, it becomes a family project to find your way back. It teaches new skills, and it helps you experience new sights and communities. A great place to get lost on purpose is in West Texas. Plus, you may happen upon a ghost town or two which is a great place to explore.

3. Backyard camping with a home-made campfire meal. Get your best campfire recipes together and cook a full meal. After dinner you can share ghost stories around the campfire and make it a family activity everyone will enjoy. Plus, in the morning you don’t have to prepare for a trip home.

4. Plan a nature scavenger hunt. If your family loves being out in nature, get a list from Pinterest or REI for what to hunt in nature. It’s a great way to learn about animals and interesting facts about nature that you may have never noticed. Nature calms your anxiety and helps children self-regulate and observe the world around them.

5. Make a photo journal of a micro-adventure. This is a family favorite. Set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes and then take your family on a hike. Every time the timer goes off, each person takes a photo of what they think is interesting in front of them. You can share these photos in a scrapbook or on social media. It can be a family collage of photos or each family members personal journal. Even though you’re all on the same hike, each family member will notice different things and that’s the magic of the adventure.

It’s not where you go for your micro-adventure, it’s who you go with. Going with family is the best opportunity to enjoy the laughter, love, and memories of the incredible people you live with.


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