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Memorial Day: An Important Time to Honor Those Who Gave Their Lives for Our Freedom

Memorial Day honors those who sacrificed their lives so we could enjoy freedom. It’s an important day to reflect and spend quality time with your family. This Memorial Day will be much different than those in the past. Public parades, picnics, and flying home for the long weekend will be unlikely with COVID-19, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating with your family. Here are some suggestions that will enhance the meaning of Memorial Day and honoring the military people who served to keep you safe.

  1. Plan a quarantine cook-out. Food, music, and activities in your backyard are the perfect combination for time with family. Include a small pool for the kids, a color mat for the artists in your home, a lawn game, or relaxing lawn chairs. Be grateful you can smell the wonderful smells of the grill.

  2. Create your vacation destination in your home. Did COVID-19 spoil your plans for a summer vacation? Give thanks you’re safe at home and decorate your home to look like your destination. Children love to make drawings of their favorite vacation destinations. You can add destination food and drinks and ask Alexa to play music from over the world. Teaching your children how to make lemonade from lemons is something that will help them survive in an uncertain world.

  3. Camp close to home. Some parks are open and maintaining distance is easier in nature. Nothing beats a family campfire and s’mores.

  4. Honoring someone close to home. Do you have a military family member who gave or continues to give their life to serving their country? Honor them by remembering their life or offering a prayer for them instills the importance of gratitude and honor in your children’s heart.

  5. Create your own backyard theater. This is fun and simple to do. Hang an old bed sheet, get your projector, and show a movie in the backyard. Complete it with popcorn, gummy bears, sour patch kids, or whatever you typically get your kids at the movie. Comfy chairs for the adults help everyone relax, laugh, and enjoy the night.

The home is the first teacher of values. Showing your children how to value and honor those who sacrificed and served our country will teach them how to respect others.


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