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Honoring the True Meaning of Veterans Day with Your Children

Veterans Day is a great time to educate your children about the history of the holiday and the numerous sacrifices U.S veterans made for our freedom. Honoring the holiday with your family will make it more meaningful and leave your children with lasting memories of the day’s significance. These memories will live on in their adulthood and the way they honor veterans throughout their life. Below are five suggestion that will be impactful and memorable for you and your children for years to come.

1. Ask your child’s teacher to invite a veteran to their classroom. Having a veteran discuss what it’s like serving in the military and what Veterans Day means to them will help young children understand what Veterans Day is about.

2. Make thank you and get-well cards for veterans at the VA Hospital. For many veterans it feels as though their service has been forgotten. Receiving a card from a child thanking them for their service makes them feel remembered and appreciated.

3. Consider making a care package for Soldiers’ Angels. Soldiers’ Angels supports soldiers and puts together care packages you can make on your own. Peanut butter, stationary, protein bars, instant coffee, and hot chocolate are a few of the small things appreciated. Kids can add drawings and cards to give it a special touch. Learn more at

4. Visit a history museum and talk with your children about sacrifice. When parents talk with their children about the terrible effects of war and what veterans went through for our country’s freedom, they understand the sacrifices made. It helps children appreciate what they have today and why it’s important to be grateful for our military men and women.

5. Watch movies or read books together that symbolizes the valor of our veterans. Read with your children about military heroes who served our country and left an impact on our world. Children will learn the importance of bravery and serving others.

Explain and talk to your children about the importance of honoring military men and women on Veteran’s Day. Learning to respect and honor these individuals by discussing them and enjoying activities with your children is a wonderful way to honor the day.


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