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Healthy Tips to Add Sparkle as You Kiss 2020 Goodbye

Most of us are anxious to say goodbye to 2020, but currently the CDC is recommending outdoor or virtual gatherings with an intimate number of family and friends. However, changing with whom you gather or the way you gather does not have to limit the amount of sparkle you add to your New Year’s Eve celebration. Just remember, to let go of 2020 and ring in 2021 by practicing recommended CDC precautions and doing your part to keep everyone COVID-19 free in the New Year. I have suggestions that can help.

1. Light up your party space! Whether it’s your balcony or your back yard make it festive by adding lights. Lights make you feel festive, no matter how small your gathering. Keep it simple and let the kids help by hanging glow sticks.

2. Time your party so you are together for a shorter amount of time. Have guests come early in the late afternoon and go home earlier or begin your party late so you’ll only be gathered for a short time. If your gathering begins outside keep it outside and decide to end the party earlier so everyone can get home healthy and safe.

3. Write the invitation to encourage everyone to share one positive affirmation for the New Year. It’s fun to have friends and family share a positive vibe for the new year. Guests love coming up with a new positive affirmation that will motivate them in the New Year.

4. Don’t forget the black eye peas! You can pick up your food or have it delivered but you better eat black eye peas if you live in Texas on New Year’s Eve. Choosing foods that help symbolize luck, health and happiness is a New Year tradition. If you are from an Asian country you’ll want to celebrate with long noodles, symbolizing a long and healthy life. In the Midwest, eating oysters on New Year’s Eve is associated with luck and having a healthy mind. Italians need to eat sausage and lentils for health and happiness in the New Year.

5. Use paper plates and plastic cups for gatherings. You’ll stay healthier and happy if you don’t have to worry about picking up and washing dishes after your guests leave. Plus, no one will have to worry about drinking from the wrong cup. Simply get a new one.

6. Kiss your quarantine partner. This year due to Covid-19 stay safe. You can make up for the kisses you missed next New Year’s Eve, but for tonight, keep your kisses exclusive for the one you love.

The greatest sparkle you can add to your New Year’s Eve is done by showing love. Covid-19 has changed the way love looks. It’s wearing your mask, keeping your gatherings small and outside and treating others as you would like to be treated. Love isn’t a feeling-it’s a combination of small actions you do each and every day to keep those you love safe.


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