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Coping with Your Team’s Loss of a World Series

After watching the world series for seven days and riding an emotional roller coaster, a loss is a tough experience to go through, especially if you’re as invested in the Astros as most Houstonians. If you find yourself feeling broken-hearted and not wanting to get up or face an empty morning, these suggestion can help you cope with the loss and look forward to next year’s season.

  1. Be honest and acknowledge how you feel. It’s okay to vent and feel sad or disappointed over a loss, but it’s important to remember that you’re in control of your actions. Feel what you feel, but don’t take it out on others.

  2. Talk to other fans. Sports are great because the community and connection means you don’t go through anything alone. Talking to other fans will help you stay connected with what you’re feeling.

  3. Accept your helplessness. This is one area where you cannot do anything that would change the outcome. Their failure is not your failure; they didn’t lose because you didn’t wear your lucky shoes, hat, socks or anything else.

  4. Be prepared to hear taunting from the winning fans. With every sport there are winners and losers. When you lose, you hear negative things about your team. Be prepared to ignore it and let it go.

  5. Stay loyal to your team. Your team didn’t intentionally let you down. Fans that rally round and stay loyal to their team feel better about themselves and grieve the loss easier.

Losing a world series is a tough loss. To be so close to winning makes it more disappointing when you lose. Remaining loyal and supportive of your team in the bad times makes the good times more joyful and rewarding. Go Astros!


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