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Celebrating Labor Day by Giving Thanks to Workers

Typically, Labor Day is celebrated by relaxing with family and friends over the three-day weekend, but this year has not been typical. Labor Day takes on a new meaning this year as we appreciate those with jobs that have helped us keep our families safe at home. Brainstorming with your children ways to express gratitude to the people whose jobs we depend on is teaching your child the importance of kindness. This reinforces the fact that we depend on each other in challenging times.

  1. Write thank you letters for your favorite local workers. Maybe your child has a favorite teacher, health care worker, or grocery store clerk. Letting your child write a thank you note that they can mail or deliver brings smiles to workers and makes children feel needed.

  2. Make cookies and deliver them to essential workers. So many laborers work on Labor Day and getting cookies from someone makes everyone’s day a little bit better.

  3. Talk with your child about the importance of volunteering. Discuss possible volunteer projects your family can get involved with. Volunteering is good for your mental and physical health, and Labor Day is the perfect day to begin.

  4. Celebrate the way you and your family work. The pandemic has plunged us into the unknown, leaving many of us to take jobs or roles we did not expect. Moms and dads are working from home and working with teachers to educate their children. Kids are attending school online with virtual activities. Family members must take time to encourage each other and appreciate everyone’s effort. Celebrate that you all have done remarkably well, facing adversities and challenges you never imagined, with a picnic or pizza night. It’s important you take time to verbalize what you appreciate most about each other.

Parents have the most influence in what their children value and how they feel about others. Use Labor Day to talk to your child about the importance of dedication to their work. This will help your children find purpose and meaning in their future jobs. Happy Labor Day!


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