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5 Things You Need to Let Go of Before the New Year

This past year has been full of challenges and stressors. Many of us didn’t get a chance to reflect on the year, because we were too exhausted dealing with work, illness, and an overall fear about the future. With the New Year fast approaching, it’s important that we do a personal inventory and let go of the thoughts or feelings limiting our ability to move ahead.

January is days away, and if we’re able to let go of the emotional baggage we continue to carry, we’ll make space for more energy to focus on the things that will help us be more successful in the future. According to psychological experts, these five are the most burdensome to carry so pack them up and let them go.

1. The need to be in control. Life happens and trying to control how it happens is useless. The truth is you’re not in control of most things happening in your life. You are in control of your reactions and choices to life’s happenings, so focus on making better choices and responding rather than knee jerk reactions.

2. Fear of the future. When you read the newspaper or watch TV, it’s easy to become jaded that everything is dangerous or bad, but that simply isn’t true. Take one day at a time and focus on one intention you want to accomplish. Being afraid of taking risks prevents you from living your life confidently, and it is the biggest life limiter known. Find other friends who are courageous and invested in living their life. You don’t need to have your whole year figured out at the start. Set small goals each day and you can build to success by year’s end.

3. Physical Clutter. Before the New Year begins, go through your house and collect unused items. Bag them up and donate them to worthy places. So many people can use your no longer worn clothes, jackets, baby clothes, books, household items, and everything else. Donating your surplus will make you feel better and mentally lighter, and it will bring smiles to the faces of the people who need what you no longer need.

4. Get rid of your lack of self-discipline. Having self-discipline is a form of self-care. Work on making your actions match your words. Self-discipline isn’t something we’re born with; it’s something we practice. If you say you’re going to the gym after work, pack your gym clothes and have them in the car. Don’t entertain excuses as to why you cannot. Small changes in this one habit will change the whole course of your life, and you can do it!

5. Past failures and regrets. Let go of past mistakes, failures, and regrets. Everyone is in the process of growing, learning, and improving. Our mistakes teach us what we don’t want to do. Given the chance, many of us would make different choices for decisions we made in the past. Learning to forgive others begins with learning to forgive ourselves. Make amends to who you need to and move forward wiser and more aware in the New Year.

Life is full of seasons and with each season comes a gift. The gift of the end of the year is one of taking inventory on what no longer fits in your life. Remembering the past doesn’t mean staying there. Let go of what binds or limits you so you can grow into a better version of yourself in the New Year.


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