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5 Things to Do Outside the Bedroom for a Better Sex Life

Intimacy and sex do not begin in the bedroom. It begins in the daily ways couple interact and demonstrate affection. Every day is an opportunity for couples to set the stage for a deeper connection and a more enjoyable sex life.

Intimacy has several components and improving one works to improve the others. One of the most important components is having fun together outside the bedroom. Being able to explore and try new things together allows both partners to feel noticed and included. If your sex life has become mundane or you feel like everything is prioritized over your sex life, try one of the following five activities.

1. Write love notes or poems. There’s a reason partners write love notes when they’re first dating. They are thinking about their partner and appreciating them regularly. Receiving a love note from your partner makes you feel desired, which reflects later in the bedroom.

2. Shop with your partner. Helping your partner choose an outfit that makes them feel desirable makes both of you feel more attracted to each other. If you’ve been together for a several years, admiring your partner in something sexy can make you both desire each other more.

3. Cook together. Cooking together is a fun activity for couples and involves using other senses. Tasting spicy foods and smelling wonderful food brings out feelings of comfort and anticipation. The teamwork of creating something wonderful together builds connection. Quick tip – chocolate, berries, and whip cream are well known aphrodisiacs!

4. Make time to lounge together and talk. Sit on the sofa or in the backyard and talk about cherished memories, things you appreciate about each other, and your future goals. These simple, relaxed conversations allow both partners to feel secure, special, and appreciated. It also deepens your intimacy which makes your sex life better.

5. Plan a romantic trip together. Having something to look forward to brings a couple together. When couples plan and create a getaway, it creates excitement and anticipation and encourages falling in love with your relationship again.

The love expressed in the bedroom is the result of how partners relate outside the bedroom. If you crave more intimacy and sex in your relationship, begin putting more effort into the way you show your partner love outside the bedroom. Including these five practices into your relationship will spark your love life and make your partner grateful they married you.


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