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5 Things She Wants for Valentine’s Day

My clinical practice involves working with men and women. For the most part, men and women communicate very differently; misunderstandings are not only common but almost impossible to avoid. Many women would be surprised to discover that men really do stress about what to give a woman for Valentine’s Day. Men may claim it doesn’t matter or try to minimize the holiday’s importance but, believe me, your man worries about how to please you.

For every man wanting to make his partner feel loved and special this Valentine’s Day, it’s not what you purchase that matters most. Sure, she’ll appreciate roses, jewelry, chocolate-covered strawberries, or champagne, but what she really wants is much deeper. She wants more of you, your vulnerability, your time, and your attention. She wants to know she rocks your world. Below are five ways you can demonstrate your love.

  1. She wants you to need her and make her as a priority. Planning a surprise Valentine’s Day dinner or taking her somewhere that you thought hard about shows her how much she means to you.

  2. She wants your time and attention. Put away your phone and shut off the television. Show her that listening and talking to her is priority.

  3. Share and be vulnerable with your feelings. When you tell her how you really feel, you make yourself vulnerable and demonstrate the depth of your trust. Trust is the one of the most important ingredients in a healthy relationship.

  4. She wants romance. You don’t have to be romantic all the time but creating a romantic setting makes her feel desired. Women need an escape to feel sexy.

  5. She wants you to show her off and put her first when you’re out in public. When you go out with others or meet someone at a restaurant, introduce her first. Simple ways to make her feel special include opening doors, holding her hand, and being sensitive to her needs. Make her feel adored and treasured.

Nothing on this list is pricey, but it’s priceless to your partner. Remember that Valentine’s Day is about love, and love can be a verb.


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