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5 Mindsets to Quit Chasing in the New Year

With the New Year it’s easy to get caught up in making resolutions telling ourselves this will be the year everything falls in place. As soon as times get tough, which they invariably do, instead of questioning what we’re trying to accomplish and what’s blocking us, we lose precious energy chasing after things we think will make us happy only to be frustrated and defeated when they don’t. Sometimes what we want most is not what’s best for us.

Before you set your mind on what you want to achieve, make sure you clean up and get rid of what’s limiting you from the past. Here are five unnecessary thoughts and behaviors that you should quit chasing in the New Year.

1. Quit trying to impress undeserving people. Who are the people draining you and constantly letting you down? You may spend energy trying to get others to approve of you and allow them to use you rather than prioritize you. Give your time and energy to projects and people who appreciate you and encourage you to be your best. You cannot make someone love or care about you. Don’t make your life chasing after someone who doesn’t care.

2. Stop chasing trying to get even. When someone wrongs us or the person we love, we may try to justify things by getting revenge. The problem is, when you try to inflict pain on someone else, it backfires on you. The best revenge is to let go and live your life showing whoever wronged you that they had no power over limiting your life. Don’t allow someone else to keep you stuck or drag you through the mud; use your energy to make yourself prosper.

3. Stop over-thinking past mistakes. We all make mistakes, and the key is to learn from our mistakes do not remain stuck in our past failures. Make it your new practice to forgive yourself and work toward using the past mistakes to help you do better.

4. Give up ruminating self-doubt. Everyone no matter how successful they are feels self-doubt at some time. Chasing after it and worrying about your personal doubts uses precious energy. You cannot please everyone. Hanging on to self-doubt makes you paranoid and frequently sabotages your precious time. Believe in what you’re doing, allow for mistakes and trust the process to help you get there.

5. Give up putting too much pressure on yourself. Remind yourself every day to keep your expectations in check. Trying to get the biggest impact in the smallest amount of time, leads to careless work and less joy. Enjoy the process of growing your life and success will come. There is no “one right way” to the top; successful people have learned to appreciate the curves and bumps that life present.

You can’t expect to be successful with achieving new goals if you are carrying heavy baggage from past years. Keep your energy to pursue your goals and dreams by tossing out what hasn’t worked in 2021 and focus on what you want for a lighter and more successful 2022.


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