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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Labor Day with Your Family

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, ushering in fall. Celebrating Labor Day with your children marks a wonderful opportunity to bid farewell to the carefree days of July and August before the hecticness of school and activities fully sets in. As you celebrate, talk to your children about the achievements of American workers and instill appreciation for the effort each family member puts in to keep your household running smoothly. Children become motivated to do more when they feel appreciated for their help. Additionally, this helps them to feel connected to something greater than themselves, an important lesson to boost your family’s emotional health.

Below I have offered five suggested activities to add to your family’s 3-day weekend Labor Day celebration.

1. Host an end-of-summer BBQ. Hosting an end-of-summer potluck BBQ is often a favorite way to spend Labor Day weekend with friends and family. These events can be hosted at a nearby park or in your own backyard. Plan outdoor games for the kids, and set up plenty of tables and chairs to allow your guests to mingle and enjoy the outdoors together.

2. Plan a pajama party and learn something new - together. If the weather is unfavorable, announce a day-long pajama party. Teach yourself and your children how to knit or enjoy an online cooking or painting class. The ideas are endless! Search DIY projects for kids and enjoy learning something new together.

3. Attend a sporting event. Celebrate Labor Day by cheering on your favorite team while enjoying game day foods to keep you out of the house and kitchen. Take a break and enjoy the team spirit of fellow fans.

4. Thank a worker. Declared a national holiday in 1894, Labor Dayhonors the spirit and ethics of the American worker. Help your children make cookies or thank you cards and deliver them to workers at the grocery store, fire department or anyone you encounter who’s work benefits your family’s life.

5. Take a day trip. A three-day weekend offers a perfect opportunity to take a quick mini vacation. Make education fun by exploring a state park or historic site. Plan an easy trip and take your time: the experience is more important than the destination.

Our country was built on hard working individuals who wanted a better life for their families. Take time to talk to your children about the importance of taking responsibility and pursuing an ethical, honest life by working hard and appreciating the opportunities afforded them.


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