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4 Reasons You Need to Take a Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner, and if you aren’t a college student or a parent of a school age child, it may seem odd to take a break in the spring. However, taking a spring break isn’t only for kids – it’s important for everyone. According to a US Travel Survey, before COVID-19 more than 55% of all Americans ended the year with unused vacation days. Although the pandemic may have changed how we take vacations, taking a break is crucial for your mental and physical health, whether it’s finishing a project or unplugging for a few days.

Research has shown that a spring break week at home achieves the same mental and physical health benefits as a week out of town. The key is taking a break. Below are four ways taking a spring break can help you.

1. People who take a break are healthier. Getting away from your daily duties helps your mind relax and you sleep better. Your mood is more positive, lowering your blood pressure.

2. Taking a break helps you be more productive at work. When you can get away from work, your mind has time to refocus; often in that refocusing, you’re able to see a different perspective of issues at work and home. Not being stressed with work helps you process ideas more calmly and rationally. Employees who can get away from work enjoy their job and position more when they come back rested.

3. Taking a break helps you be a better spouse and parent. Taking a break with your family helps you create and deepen your sense of togetherness. It creates memories and appreciation that you and your family will cherish forever. Trying new experiences together restores family unity and teamwork.

4. Taking a break helps restore higher levels of well-being. Neuroscientists encourage taking down time so our bodies can relax and restore. Well-being research shows that people who take a vacation feel calmer and experience mind clarity. Even the anticipation of a getaway can increase happiness and improve a negative attitude.

The pandemic has increased stress for many of us, constant changes and fear of the unknown are anxiety provoking. Give yourself permission to take a spring break; unplug and restore your sleep and mood. Sometimes the hardest boss to convince you need a break is yourself.


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