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Yes, Your Child Can Learn Life Virtues Watching the Super Bowl

When you hear about the NFL or Super Bowl, you don’t usually think about entertaining with your children but maybe you should. The Super Bowl has life lessons that are important for kids. The NFL may not be your idea of a great role model, but the athletes are teaching kids the importance of hard work, perseverance, and respect.

These six life lessons are demonstrated repeatedly on Super Bowl Sunday:

  1. A dream is just a dream without hard work. The amount of effort it takes to become an NFL football player is incredible. Practice is every day and it’s mentally and physically challenging. If you want something, it won’t happen unless you do the work to make it happen no matter how skilled you are.

  2. In order to move forward, you have to work with your team. You can tell your kid a thousand times that “there is no ‘I’ in team,” but on the football field they see it demonstrated.

  3. For success in life, you have to show up and be prepared. Each player must be prepared to handle any possible play. Being unmotivated or lazy in practice isn’t an option.

  4. NFL football players know the agony of defeat. Life isn’t fair and you don’t get everything you want. Each of the players has a story of hard times in their life. It’s not where you’re from that determines success…it’s the choices you make.

  5. Respect others. In a football game, the players have to respect authority. Their team is penalized if they act out or are disrespectful. Sportsmanship is about playing fair, practicing self-discipline, and controlling your emotions.

  6. Never give up. It’s normal to want to quit when you’re behind or feel as though you’ll never win, but football is a lot like life. It’s not over until it’s over.

This year when you prepare the food and guest list don’t forget to include your children. Parents who bond with their children during the Super Bowl are beginning a family tradition that their kids will look forward to every year. The lessons of the game are life lessons your children will need to succeed in school and life. Plus, it’s cool for your kids to see their parents so excited and sometimes acting goofy about a game.

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