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Unplug and “Come Home” for the 4th of July

​The fourth of July is a celebration of our country’s birthday and independence! Celebrating this important day with your family will become part of your child’s adult memories, and your child’s affection and honor for their country begins at home with you. Our country has fought for its independence; brave women and men sacrificed their lives. Anything worth having is worth sacrificing for, so make the sacrifice to unplug from work and be totally present to keep your family safe and grounded in your family’s 4th of July celebration. We are many things to many people, but today we are celebrating the fact that we are Americans, and part of the fabric that makes the United States stand apart from other nations.

Just as our country has a constitution, your family has one too. The family constitution makes up the rules your kids remember and pass on to their families. Issues such as safety, honor and consideration are part of most family constitutions. However, if you don’t have one, below are suggestions to help guide you to create a 4th of July you and your family will cherish!

  • Being totally present with your family means unplugging from your work and the outside world. Make your family your first priority.

  • A celebration with sparklers, fireworks and cooking outside is an opportunity to teach your children fire safety. Be the parent; teach them while they’re young the possible dangers and how to stay safe.

  • Keep your kids safe in the water. Make rules before they get in the water and never go swimming alone.

  • Sunscreen is a must if you’re outside.

  • Make your own food and get your kids involved with helping. Sit down dinners are tough during the week, so take advantage of having everyone together sharing their stories and their lives. These are precious moments…cherish them.

  • If drinking alcohol is part of your celebration, keep it modest. It’s difficult to be totally there for your children and family if you’re drinking. Don’t drive.

  • Be appreciative of your partner and use consideration when talking to each other.

Our country was built on strong family values and the best way to teach strong family values is to model them with your family. Happy 4th of July!

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