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Is There Sex After Marriage?

For many couples when they get married they are full of lust and love. They cannot imagine there will ever be a time when they aren’t crazy for each other and passionate about sex. However, real life seeps in and after several years of marriage sex begins getting pushed aside to finish chores, financial responsibilities and raising children. There are ways you can keep your marriage sexual and close after marriage, but it takes awareness and commitment from both partners to make it happen. Below are ways you can enhance and continue the intimacy and sexual part of your relationship no matter how hectic your day-to-day life grows.

  1. Focus on daily communication. That means use opportunities with texting, emailing, sending love notes in your partner’s lunch, and making time in the evening for one-on-one conversation.

  2. Take use of all babysitting opportunities to reconnect. Simple things like walking while holding hands, a picnic in the backyard, or watching a movie together on a Sunday afternoon during naptime. A connection is a connection, and sex happens when the connection is solid.

  3. Keep yourself in shape. The number one libido killer for women is body image. Women who feel insecure about their bodies have less sex.

  4. Take every opportunity to continue touching your partner. Touch is the biggest aphrodisiac of all.

  5. Couples who join together to complete chores with the intention of having intimate time afterwards have greater sex, and feel closer as a team.

Before you get married talk about sex and what makes you feel most loved. Many couples make the mistake of assuming they know what physically turns their partner on. However, unless you know what makes your partner feel loved emotionally, the chances are higher that after marriage your sex life will suffer.

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