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If I could teach engaged couples anything before they get married, it would be about fighting fairly in a relationship. Fighting is inevitable and sometimes can even be beneficial when it gets issues out in the open and repaired, but only when it’s done with respect. If each fight or argument leaves you feeling humiliated, abused, guilty, or ashamed, this assignment will guide you and your partner from unhealthy to healthy fighting techniques.


This 3 part, 6 page PDF assignment is designed for the participation of both partners, but can be done alone. 

  • Section I is about assessing and scoring your current fighting techniques. 
  • Section II is about modifying your fighting techniques to be respectful and fair by putting the marriage first.
  • Section III is about committing to fighting fairly and celebrating small steps of progress.


This assignment pairs well with the following Reaction Reset videos:

   -5 Rules for Fighting Fairly in a Relationship:

Fighting Fairly in Relationships

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