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Mary Jo's Ask Mary Jo segment is hosted on KRIV Fox 26 every week. Below you will find some of the questions about intimacy, relationships, body image, and emotional wellness that she has answered on air.

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Ask Mary Jo Archive

Finances after marriage & compassion fatigue

November 14, 2019

Hi Mary Jo,

In a marriage, are the finances split or are they together? What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours?

Hi Mary Jo,

I work at the hospital with critical patients. How do I cope better when things aren’t going well with them, so I don’t get depressed?

Thank you,


Getting to know your date & how sisters can work together

October 17, 2019

Hi Mary Jo,

How can I date in 2019 and actually get to know her?



Hi Mary Jo,

We’re twin sisters who work together, so I want to know how do we work together and tackle individual problems and help each other without taking on each other’s problems?

Veronica and La Monica

Outside influences on relationship & approving of daughter's boyfriend

October 03, 2019

Hi Mary Jo,

If a man is interested in a woman but outside influences cause her to lose interest in him, should he continue forward and try to continue the relationship or should he move on because she is no longer interested?


Hi Mary Jo,

How do I encourage my grown daughter to talk to her father about a boy she's in love with but knows he won't approve of?


Freezing when stressed & deleting ex's photos on social media

September 26, 2019

Hey Mary Jo,

Sometimes I get so stressed with work, I freeze. How can I get ahead of that and possibly intervene?


Hi Mary Jo,

My girlfriend has asked me to delete all pictures on social media of any ex-girlfriends. I think she's crazy, but does she have a point. Should I do it?


Husband trying to fix problems & showing your partner love

September 12, 2019

Hi Mary Jo,

I have a great husband, and he is always trying to fix things about me. How do I tell him I need to take care of these things and it’s my responsibility?


Hey Mary Jo,

I have a beautiful wonderful wife, and I tell her every single day, but how do I show her I love her more every day?


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