Empowering Women and The Men Who Love Them

My goal is to help women gain the freedom to be all they can be, and I hope that you will find the information I provide useful.

What women need to be complete is a strong support system. Often times that comes in the form of a boyfriend or a husband but it does not necessarily have to. A woman’s support system should provide her with reinforcement, and should encourage her to be brave enough to make individual strides and be her own person.

Women must understand their bodies, their sexuality, and their own passions and gifts. Knowledge about ones health and sexuality is key to finding happiness in relationships. [Read More…]


Sex and Intimacy


35 Reasons Guys Lose Their Libido

Guys are misrepresented on many levels and one of those levels is their sexual appetite. The movies, the Internet and TV depict men as having a super sexed libido that is always ready to go. The truth is that more … Read More